Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Feast of the Three Kings

Cristina Potters
While I was in Cuernavaca, we celebrated the Feast of the Three Kings. I was going to write about it , but my new ... and amazing writer ... friend, Cristina Potters at Mexico Cooks! does such an incredible job, I'm just linking you to her article. As a teaser ... there's a baby Jesus and 40 tamales involved.

Click here for full article.  

"The most powerful English-language website in the world about Mexican cuisine is Mexico Cooks!, by the culinary writer Cristina Potters. She travels everywhere to investigate and bring the information to the world..." Culinaria Mexicana,
That quote is just one of the many glowing reviews of Cristina Potter's amazing offering focused on the food, traditions and culture of Mexico. Cristina has lived in Mexico for forty years, speaks Spanish fluently and became a Mexican citizen several years ago. If you want to understand Mexico, her site is a great place to begin.