Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jacobo & María Ángeles ... an artist workshop that links the past to the future

One of the joys of Mexico is meeting artists … in their workshops, they become real people rather than names on a gallery or museum wall. I’ve had this pleasure several times while visiting Oaxaca, however, the most impressive in many ways was the alebrije workshop of Jacobo & María Angeles

Friday, February 2, 2018

Beyond colors and shapes ... Zapotec weaving symbols

Rug from Teotitlán del Valle
When I first started looking at weavings, I only saw colors and shapes. It took awhile to realize that each work represented a connection ... a connection to past traditions, to beliefs about the world, to something important to that particular weaver. Now looking at a rug is more like looking at a tangible meditation, a prayer or story. It is a piece of the weaver, a piece of tradition and contains an energy to be shared with viewers and buyers.

When I visited the rug-weaving village Teotitlán del Valle, I was captivated by many rugs such as the one to the left. The color and designs stunned me, however, it was only later, after researching the designs, that I began to truly appreciate it and its story.